For Homogenizing, dispearsing, emulsifying,
 mixing & reaction for variety of Industries.

TRISHEAR MILL operates in a much wider range
of Viscosities than other homogenising & colloid mills,
with supplementary agitation it can handle several 
hundred thousand centipoises. You can produce far
more through-put too - without paying a stiff penalty
in energy costs and maintenance.

How Does a TRISHEAR MILL work?
The machines are designed to be very tough and 
highly accurate, whereby very close tolerance
between the rotor and stator generates a high degree
of mechanical shear. This cutting action breaks down
droplets to sub-micron sizes. The result is an emulsion
that is more uniform and stable. The liquid mix is then 
pumped through the stator and surrounding mill. This
produces intense hydraulic shear which ruptures
remaining droplets & hastens the mixing process. The
main demand of today & tomorrow is better utilisation
of our resources and total elimination of pollution in the environment. These are of special significance in many Industries like :
Cosmetic Industries, Food Industries, Chemical
Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries. 




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