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About Us

At Kreisel Pumps we believe in providing innovative and cutting edge solution and service to your custom needs for developing special purpose pumps. We pride ourselves at being one of the very few firms around the world that have continuously custom developed pumps to our clients for the last 35 years. Our product offering covers a wide variety of industry like Chemical, Cosmetic, Food and Pharmaceutical.

Kreisel Pumps is the thinking and expertise of its people. To create outstanding strategies, we need to know these principles and apply them creatively. At Kreisel Pumps, we blend science with creativity to optimize the alignment of offerings to our customers, thereby achieving what we have promised.

The chief architect and founder has 50 years of experience in Specialized Pump Industry, having designed and developed custom made pumps for some of the top firms around the world. Please visit the client (put a link to 'OUR CLIENTS' here) section.

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